Leigh Visual has had great success in establishing close relationships with customers that require complex security systems.
Leigh Visual can provide a high level of design and engineering expertise and our customers fitting this profile include NHS acute trusts, universities and the larger shopping centres.  Leigh Visual also has a number of large commercial customers. Leigh Visual’s goal is to work closely with customers as partners over many years and our guiding principle is to spend customer’s money as if it’s our own. Leigh Visual seeks to understand a customer’s business and their security issues and will recommend the most cost effective solution, whether this is a security system or, for example, a simple operational change.

Leigh Visual has worked with NHS Acute trusts since 1994 and currently looks after the CCTV and Access Control systems of a number of NHS Acute trusts.

Systems typically comprise 500+ access control doors and 200+ CCTV cameras across multiple sites and are covered by 4 hour 365 day service contracts.

Leigh Visual’s barcode maintenance system provides detailed maintenance records for complex multi-site systems without the need for large volumes of paperwork.

Trust networks mean that ward intercoms and reception panic buttons can now be IP based, so they can be monitored at any location, or multiple locations, on the trust network.

The move to IP CCTV means that high resolution Megapixel cameras can be used in key locations such as A&E; waiting areas, providing much greater picture detail.


Leigh Visual has worked with universities and colleges of further education since 1996.

Card technology is of major importance in the higher education sector. There are large card holder populations, often many tens of thousands, and the production and replacement of cards is a major task. This is only made more difficult given the transitory nature of many of the card holders.

The access control card has the capability to be the basis of multiple technologies, enabling cashless vending, photocopying and library usage. It can also be multi-function acting as a photo-id card as well as providing specific door access control rights and computer logon control.

Access control cards are typically populated from a central student and staff personnel database and Leigh Visual can assist in the development of this interface.


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